I’m Tony and I am delighted to be talking to you today. Hopefully this introduction will lead to us working together and be the beginnings of a great future partnership.

I refer to clients and suppliers as partners because without each other it would be a lonely place and it is bringing individual expertise and skills together that ultimately brings long lasting business relationships and successful projects. A contact today, maybe a contract tomorrow or even years later and this works both ways; we all know how business can drift and then suddenly a need arises in the blink of an eye. If you like what you see please get in touch we can have a chat and hopefully a cup of tea.

I’m a straight talking, direct person who loves working with people. Whilst I can happily work with larger organisations I prefer to develop an individual relationship so we can have an open conversation to not only discuss the technical nitty gritty but get to know what makes you tick and learn about your business and areas of expertise.

For many people their expertise is outside of IT and that just need to be respected and assisted with, i.e. as my Dad said “I’ve put the windows in the computer and it doesn’t work” but ask me which RSJ beam is appropriate then the roles are reversed. It’s this level of respect and understanding that is only learnt from getting to know your business and then we can see what efficiencies or improvements can be added.

Providing excellent customer service has been at the core of my education and working life. I have an excellent balance of technical, personal and business skills demonstrated by my experience in a number of roles from development, support and end user experiences. This demonstrates my abilities and appreciation to assist at all levels.

My first computer was a spectrum 48k and never would have thought my Gran would be learning to text on a mobile phone with more memory than most of my original machines!

Change happens, some we embrace, some we don’t but what you need to do is see what is relevant to you and your business and this is where we can hopefully help.

As an employee I’ve worked in both the public and private sectors, Education establishments, Social Housing and private E-commerce organisations. Being the main point of contact between customers, colleagues and specialists whether that be contractors, service providers or developers is where I like to be. If I can’t do what you need, I’ll find someone who can whilst still being your point of contact and ensure the job is done to plan.

I’m on LinkedIn if you want to see some of my history but that’s in the past, lets start the future, give me a call or email me at your convenience.

Best wishes for whatever you decide to do and always give things a go.