We offer a range of services based on what you want or if not sure we can talk it through and consider the options available. Whether we provide the service direct or via a recommended vendor we will always be your point of contact.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Traditional Support, 1st-3rd line
  • Software and hardware procurement
  • Active Directory and Exchange
  • Office 365 and spam filtering
  • Microsoft Azure including elastic database pools
  • Maintenance and monitoring including website uptime and availability through to firewall configuration and recommendations
  • Anti Virus and Malware protection
  • Domain and DNS Management – special interest in the new top level domains (Have you noticed I’m using a .solutions extension, not the .com or .co.uk)
  • Hosting and Migration – are you thinking of moving your current infrastructure, we can help you through this, not only advising on host providers including cloud vendors but how to manage your customers, what details you’ll need and how to minimise downtime and disruption
  • SSL Security Certificates – we can configure, install SSL certificates for your websites
  • Tendering – coming from a background including social housing gives me an invaluable experience of what’s involved from both sides
  • Data recovery and backups
  • Analysis, Analytics and Advice – We will focus on the 3 A’s to analyse your current situation using a range of tools from Google Analytics to give advice based on stats and facts.
  • Social Media Campaigns – Facebook boost, Promoted Tweets – before you do any of this make sure you decide what you are trying to achieve, who your target market is and budget. A considered approach will give the best results minimising waste, spend and after an initial review this approach may not even be right for your business.
  • App Development – our team of app developers cover IOS, Windows and Android applications
  • Penetration Testing, Security
  • Website reviews, development and back end assistance including IIS
  • E-Commerce including online shops such as Order.Beer which allows you to order beer online delivered to your door. Plus also a wider supportive platform for breweries. The aim is connecting local breweries to global doors. (Looking at everything from e-commerce to packaging to export and system integration provides a great example into a full turn key solution and understanding processes within an industry.